Speed Geeking #3: Book Creator

Book Creator is a tool that allows users to create digital books. It is a free app that is easy and fun to use. Their website states that Book Creator allows you to bring creativity into your classroom in any subject area.

I found Book Creator to be very easy to use. Using the app, I created a book about my classroom. The layout is simple and intuitive. When you first sign up, a pop-up message encourages you to make a three-page book to begin. The tools allow users to add pages, pictures, text, drawings, and audio. Images can be uploaded from your computer or device, or you can search for images to insert. This feature is extremely easy to use. Adding text is easy as well, although you cannot change the size of the text or the font. Adding drawings is a fun feature, however, creating drawings with a mouse is tricky. It may be easier on a touchscreen. The drawings I created were a bit messy, but the drawing feature does allow you to “undo” parts or all of your drawing and also has an eraser to fix mistakes.

Book creator allows you to add audio to your books, which is a great feature for children who are unable to write the text on their own. Once your book is complete, you can have your book read back to you. This is another excellent feature for children who are beginning readers, children with special needs, and English language learners.

I can see a lot of potential for Book Creator in the classroom. Children can create stories and share them. This could be incorporated into any subject area. Having children collaborate on a story would be an excellent use of the app as well. Teachers can also use Book Creator to create their own materials. There are so many possibilities.

Sierra mentioned the privacy issues in her blog, and I agree that I would be cautious about anything that retains information about students. They also send you a lot of emails once you’ve created an account. The moment I created my first book, I also received an email from “Dan from Book Creator.” I was quick to unsubscribe to those emails. Otherwise, it is an excellent resource for the classroom.

One thought on “Speed Geeking #3: Book Creator

  1. Haha. I recognize “Dan, from book creator”! I love your book. I can see something like this to introduce kids to their new school before they arrive, or to explain to families what’s going on in some focus on your classroom. I’ve seen teachers create books for particular children around their interests, or to position a child as the heroine in her own classroom struggles (I’ve seen some research that media tools that enable kids to see themselves engaged in the social activities they are working on can be really helpful for learning how to change). I, too, love its simplicity yet flexibility. I’m glad you got to work with it.


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