Speed Geeking #2: Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a free app that supports social learning online. A user can download Flipgrid onto a PC or a mobile device. I used it both on my PC and my smartphone.

The idea behind Flipgrid is that users can make short videos 90 seconds to 5 minutes long and share them with a specific group on their “grid.” The app is extremely easy to use. The videos are easy to create, edit, and title, and then are easily shared to the collaborative grid. I tried the application myself and had my 10-year-old daughter test it as well. Not surprisingly, my daughter had an extremely easy time making her video and adding a title complete with emojis. Even I, who does not always intuit how to use a new technology, found Flipgrid easy to use.

Flipgrid’s website has a getting-started video with easy tips to edit your grid and an Innovation Station that allows educators to further explore the possibilities of the application. I can see a lot of uses for Flipgrid in a school setting where students can share their work and have a chance to respond to each other in a closed setting.

One of the strengths of Flipgrid is that it allows students to engage in dialogues about topics in a face-to-face manner without having to be in the classroom together. An example comes from the Flipgrid Blog where they discuss how Flipgrid can be used to discuss issues of diversity and equity. One teacher used the example of having students share their learning about Ruby Bridges.

I appreciate that the grid can be closed with only a certain group having access to the videos, such as one group of students. Their Privacy Statement is reasonable as they only collect basic information such as names and email addresses. Flipgrid is storing the videos and comments on the site, so users must be OK with this aspect. Flipgrid is explicit that educators need to gain consent from parents for any users under the age of 13 using this application.

I have plans to use this application with my adult students as a way for them to communicate with each other, but also as a way to include their young children in the exchange. Since they are using simple videos, my preschoolers can be a part of these videos that the parents share and can respond to the other videos in the group. I think there is a lot of potential to this application, and I look forward to exploring it more.

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